The structure of BranchMaker

The structure of BranchMaker

Branchmaker is a cloud-based content tool designed to facilitate the creation of branching narratives and dialogue management for game developers. It provides a simple and centralized platform for managing all the elements of a project. Let's delve into the core concepts of Branchmaker:
  • Stories

    In Branchmaker, a "story" serves as an individual repository for an entire project. It acts as a container for all the narrative content, dialogue, and branching paths associated with a particular game. Think of it as a cohesive unit that encompasses the entire gaming experience.
  • Nodes

    Within each story, you'll find numerous "nodes." Nodes represent specific points in the narrative where the player progresses or makes decisions. Every player is always situated at a particular node, which serves as their current position in the story. These nodes act as crucial junctures where the player's choices and actions determine the direction of the narrative.
  • Blocks

    At the heart of each node in Branchmaker are "blocks." Blocks are discrete units of information that contribute to the storytelling experience. They can take various forms, such as dialogue snippets, scripted actions, cutscenes, or interactive options for players to choose from. Blocks allow you to convey information, advance the plot, or engage players with meaningful choices.
  • Options

    Options blocks are a specific type of block within Branchmaker that enable players to make decisions and progress through the story. These options often present players with choices that impact the branching paths they can take. By selecting different options, players navigate from one node to another, shaping the outcome of the story based on their decisions.
The interconnectedness of these concepts within Branchmaker allows for the creation of engaging and immersive branching narratives in games. Story writers can craft intricate storylines, programmers can implement the branching logic, and indie game developers can utilize the tool to manage and iterate on their narrative content efficiently. By utilizing Branchmaker, storytellers and game developers gain a comprehensive environment where they can weave complex narratives, manage dialogue, and track the progression of their stories. This ultimately empowers them to create dynamic and player-driven gaming experiences that captivate their audience.